3G prepaid EVDO and HSPA internet in Morocco

22 May 2010
Posted by Laptop Junction

High speed 3G cellular mobile internet in Morocco has expanded rapidly over the past years. In 2010 there are now 3 providers all offering high speed internet on your laptop, notebook or netbook. Read about EVDO and HSPA USB modems marketed by Meditel and INWI  in may 2010.

INWI in Morocco formerly known as WANA

In 2010 WANA has changed it’s name into INWI and is aggressively promoting it’s name and services allover Morocco. Unlike Maroc Telecom and Meditel it to choose to operate a CDMA / EVDO in stead of UMTS / HSPA. This with incompatible UMTS - HSPA dominated cellular networks in Europe nearby. Though for US based visitors, the USB modems from INWI might be interesting.

3G prepay PAYG EVDO USB modem stick HUAWEI EC122 CDMA2000from INWI, Morocco
3G prepay PAYG EVDO USB modem stick HUAWEI EC122 CDMA2000 from INWI, Morocco - no simcard inside.

The MEID number is the hexadecimal equivalent of the IMEI number known in the GSM / UMTS world.

INWI mobile internet for laptops and cell phones - haut debit mobile

CDMA / EVDO cell phones or EVDO USB internet modems do not require simcards, it’s architecture is different and incompatible with GSM and UMTS technology. So it’s not surprising there are no internet data sim-only deals available at INWI, like the 3G prepaid menara simcard from Maroc Telecom.

The INWI mobile broadband internet deal is called “haut débit mobile - HDM”. In May 2010 INWI charges 490 Dirham (€ 44,- or 57 US$) for 1 month internet access including the above pictured Huawei EC122 3G USB modem stick. And 750 Dirham for 3 months of unlimited 3G internet access including a simlocked LG 3G modem HDM stick.

INWI also operates a simcard based GSM network for voice calls and has GPRS access.

From a re-use perspective it doesn’t make sense to buy USB modems for the INWI - HDM EVDO network when your home country is UMTS-HSPA based. The INWI USB modem stick simply doesn’t work on European UMTS / HSPA networks. (Though Poland has CDMA for those with a cellphone contract - not prepaid)

Meditel in Morocco

Meditel is Morocco’s number 2 cellular network. This cellular network is widely known for its red public pay phone in the streets of Morocco.

Cellular based public pay phones from Meditel in Morocco
Cellular based public pay phones from Meditel in Morocco

Meditel has 3G prepay internet deals, however does not sell 3G internet prepay simcards without a Meditel 3G USB modem stick.

Meditel 3G USB HPSA modem, the Huawei e156g in Morocco
Meditel 3G USB HPSA modem, the Huawei e156g in Morocco

In comparison with the 3G Menara internet data simcard from Maroc Telecom for 1 month internet access, Meditel offers it's Huawei e156g USB modem for just 149 Dirham. (€ 13,- or US$ 17,-).

The USB modem is sim-locked to the Meditel network but can easily be unlocked with the right tools. There are many unlock services for unlocking HUAWEI USB modems on the internet.


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