3G prepaid internet in Greece

11 Jun 2012
Posted by Laptop Junction

Greece has a pretty good deal for those looking for cheap & fast 3G prepaid internet access for a laptop, ipad or smartphone. Since 2009, internet access has changed for the better, have a look;

3G prepay internet in Greece

Since the last visit to Greece in 2009 coming from Turkey, mobile internet access was not so cheap and rather slow. Things have changed in 3 years time with 3G access in most bigger cities. After looking at Cosmote, Vodafone and WIND, the 3G deal from WIND seemed the best in June 2012. The simcard is called WIND F2G.

3G prepaid internet in Greece with the Wind F2G simcard - also available for Ipad's
3G prepaid internet in Greece with WIND F2G

The card was bought at the official WIND dealer in Patras – Peloponnesus on the road to Athens.

Official WIND dealer in Patras along the road to Athens
3G prepaid internet in Greece from the WIND dealer in Patras - Peloponesos

Located at the GPS location N38.27589 E21.76233, it’s pretty easy to find it for those with car next to a supermarket.  For those coming from Italy by car ferry (Superfast, Anek or Minoan Lines) this shop is a good stop. Patras city center also has a WIND dealer, though not so easy to get there by car.

Internet in Greece with WIND F2G

The WIND F2G simcard is a voice and data card in one. It comes with a bundle of talk, sms and data (350 Mb).

WIND prepaid internet deal in Greece - 500 Mb for € 5,-
WIND 3G internet deal - 500 Mb for € 5,-

With a promotion in spring 2012, 500 MB extra data can be bought for € 5,- which can be activated by a simple SMS text message. For just € 10,- you’ll get 850 Mb to start with, not bad at all compared to 2009.

The shop owner activated the card – added the 500 Mb promotion and it all worked within 10 minutes. You need to show your passport to register your simcard. No need to supply address details or get stuck in “need to be resident” discussions.

WIND F2G APN and other details

The APN for WIND F2G is: gint.b-online.gr

Checking bandwidth balance goes through sending "ΥΠ" to 1210. This must be in Greek characters!!
Alternatively you can call number 1269 (free) to hear your account balance in English. (Press 2 for English)

Street kiosks might sell the WIND scratch card or recharge slips also. It allows to top-up your balance through sending the scratchcard number by SMS. Note that € 10,- will increase balance by € 8,24 including tax.

Wind scratch card and recharge slip from street Kiosk - balance top-up
Wind scratch card / balance top-up card Wind topup code from Kiosk in Greece

VOIP (Skype) services work with Wind F2G. Do note that the actual connection quality highly depends on the number of 3G HSDPA connections in your area. Meaning - it's less likely to work properly in crowded area's. The service will switch back to 3G UMTS iso the faster 3G HSDPA when crowded.

Regular voice calls always have priority over 3G data connections.

A microsim for the Ipad is also available - with a microsim adapter the microsim card can also be used in a smartphone or 3G USB modem.

More WIND shops can be found in the shop locater at the WIND website.

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