Triple Simcard Smartphone Android Acer E700 Liquid

10 Mar 2015
Posted by Laptop Junction

After a year with the Acer Liquid E2 Duo Smartphone, requirements have moved up migrating to a Triple Sim Smartphone, the Acer Liquid E700 TripleSim (3 simcard) smartphone. Here's an impression of this phone.

Acer Liquid E700 Triple Simcard Android Smartphone

With a tad bigger screen a more memory and a faster processor it's a good choice for those who travel a lot;

Triple Simcard Smartphone Android Acer Liquid E700

The Acer E700 has 3 micro simcard slots;

3 Simcard Smartphone Android Acer Liquid E700

and shows 3 signal bars for each separate simcard;

Tri Simcard Smartphone Android Acer Liquid E700

Each simcard can be switched on an off separately.


Acer Liquid E700 battery

The battery also got bigger with more power lasting upto 2 days with a conservative attitude;

Acer Liquid E700 smartphone Battery E700-E39-HM.HF9EE.001

Have a look inside at the Liquid E700 Battery

Compared with the Acer DuoSim E2 the Acer TripleSim E700 outperforms on all important technical aspects.

In 2 months time the E700 performed pretty well using;

  • 1 private number
  • 1 business number
  • 1 local internet prepaid card when there's no WIFI network

The local prepaid internet card is great for cheap access to local internet.

The only downside it's it tad bigger size making it just to big to carry in a trouser pocket.

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