Battery not charging :: BIOS setup

21 Feb 2010
Posted by Laptop Junction

BIOS battery charging information

Most laptops provide information in BIOS setup about the connected AC power adapter and / or installed laptop battery pack. Although it’s for information only, it’s an important diagnostic facility.

The screen shot below shows a DELL Latitude D610 BIOS setup screen. The "AC adapter type" field changes instantly when the AC power adapter is connected or disconnected.

DELL BIOS screen showing the status of the AC power adapter
DELL D610 BIOS setup screen showing the status of the AC power adapter

Because of the AC Adapter Type field information is updated in real-time, it's an important diagnosis facility for the laptop battery charging process.

The AC Adapter Type field in BIOS setup can be used to test the laptop DC jack, DC plug and the power cable for intermittent connections.

BIOS battery charging diagnosis

When the AC power adapter is connected and listed as

"Unknown device installed"

or the laptop battery is listed as

"not recognized battery"

the laptop battery charging process will not be started by the POST controller.

More detailed information about the laptop battery can also be found in the Windows Power Meter in Power Options.

Wondering if upgrading BIOS might solve a "battery not charging" problem? Read the section about the BIOS program code.

Windows 7 has native support for most laptop battery memory values and shows more information than Windows XP or Vista.

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