DELL D610 Screen hinges snapped

After a few years of abuse on the road, the screen of my DELL D610 laptop snapped while i closed the screen. Here a bit about the hinges - read on.


DELL D610 Latitude hinges

Nothing lasts forever, this is the DELL D610 screen hinge - post mortem;

First the conical pin snapped. It settles in the body of the laptop. The reason for it to snap were the 2 screws being a tiny bit loose. The tiny bit of movement this causes on the conical pin during opening and closing of the screen finally made the pin snap.

Next were the screws, unable to hold the forces - without the support of the pin - during opening and closing of the laptop screen. The thread of the screws started to wear. In the end the screws came loose.

Next bigger screws were mounted in the ole worn thread as a temporary fix. Finally the hinge itself was a goner - the metal snapped on the thinnest part.

Now the hinge is replaced from a cannibalized D610. With the bigger screws. Probably they hold a bit longer.

DELL laptop hinges

For those with sloppy hinges or in this case snapped hinges there are replacements on the market for a small price;

In any case - make sure to tighten the hinge screws when there's a bit of movement. This protects the conical pin to snap of after some time.