DELL Latitude D610 - Worn Out

29 Dec 2012
Posted by Laptop Junction

After many years of service on the road - my DELL Latitude D610 is a bit worn out. After replacing a hinge, a glimpse how it looks now.

After many years of abuse in heat, dust and cold;

DELL Latitude worn to the bone

A few signs of severe wear:

  • Hole in the touch pad - yes it still works amazingly
  • Two keys sacrificed to replace the D and E key mechanism
  • The left hinge replaced
  • DVD - RW drive doesn't work anymore
  • Plastic coating worn off

And best of all - it still works after a fall from a table, splashed with watter and months of +40 degrees Celsius in dusty environment.

The DELL Latitude D610 specs:

  • Processor x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8 Genuine Intel ~2128 Mhz
  • Total Physical Memory 2.048,00 MB
  • Screen Resolution 1400 x 1050 x 60 hertz
  • Network card Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller
  • Disk 120 Gb - Western Digital - WDC WD1200BEVE-00WZT0

This business laptop is more than enough for internet surfing and all sorts of experimentation. Good value for money are D610's with 2.13 Ghz, 2 Gb RAM with screen-size of 1400 x 1050:

Best to buy them with an extra battery and charger.