DELL WiFi not working :: disconnects itself

23 Jan 2009
Posted by Laptop Junction

The WiFi connection of the DELL D610 Latitude sporadically disconnects itself. When the D610 is operating in battery mode, occasionally the WiFi indicator next to the Power button goes off.

The Intel PROSet WiFi system tray indicator goes either from green to red or to yellow. Double clicking  the Intel PROset WiFi system icon in the system tray while yellow lists available network without the network previously connected to. Apparently the network card is still working.

The WiFi Wireless network card is not disabled - this would turn the Intel PROSet system tray indicator into grey. Instead it's red as if there is no network.

DELL D610 WiFi Indicator disconnects

Intel PROSset system tray indicator turns from green to red

The WiFi system tray indicator goes
from green to yellow or red.

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Although it's normal to loose the WiFi Wireless connection when the WiFi signal is too weak, re-establishing the connection doesn't happen that easily in this condition. The Intel PROSet Wifi/Wirelless connection utility acts like nothing has happened and keeps scanning the neighborhood for WiFi signals this while the DELL WiFi indicator stays off. Only when Fn+F2 is pressed (disable/enable) the scanner picks up the right WiFi network signal again.

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Connection is rarely re-established by moving to location closer to the wireless signal. Usually pressing Fn+F2 to disable/enable the WiFi Wirelless network card is necessary. In either case the DELL WiFi indicator goes on again.

Intelel PROSet WiFi/Wireless shows networks - but is disconnected

Intel 2915ABG network card
The Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG network card.

Confusing is see the DELL WiFi indicator go off. This normally indicates the WiFi network card is disabled. This is not the case in this situation. It seems the DELL WiFi indicator goes off to safe battery life when the WiFi signal becomes too weak. When it happens, occurrence increases to several times in an hour. When the AC Power Adapter is connected the problem usually goes away but it's not a solution.

Recently WiFi software has been upgraded to the Intel PROset Wireless/WiFi connection Utility

Intel PROSet Wireless WiFi Software driver XP

Intel PROset Wireless/WiFi connection Utility

Before the upgrade WiFi network disconnects did not turn the DELL WiFi indicator off and re-establishing the connection didn't require pressing Fn+F2.

 This phenomena is seen with an Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG network card.

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