Faster browsing on slow internet connection

25 Mar 2015
Posted by Laptop Junction

There is a simple way of speeding up your internet browsing on a slow internet connection. It's about reducing the amount of connections in a single internet browser session to the essential parts. Here's how.

Website trackers and internet cookies

Most popular website have a wide range of tracking systems in implemented to measure their (sales) performance. Usually these are all external servers accessed in a single website browsing session.

When you're on a slow mobile internet connection the access to other tracking servers from browsing 1 website slows the connection even more.

An example using a popular car sales website;

Webste trackers and cookies

Some websites load up-to 10 - 15 trackers & cookie systems from various locations slowing down an already slow internet connection even more.

A simple Browser Add-on can reduce the number of websites trackers and cookie systems to the ones that really matter. Have a look at Ghostery , a tool that allows you to manage these extra server connections.

Ghostery - tracker and cookie blocker

Ghostery is a technology company that provides online transparency and control tools for your browsing session.

Gostery Adtracker and Cookie Blocker

Blocking access to various external tracking and cookie servers reduces the load in a thin internet connection considerably. Popular websites with lots of tracking systems load much faster and avoid downloading advertisement graphics as well.

Each tracker can be enabled disabled as you like. Sometimes it results in website chat systems to stop functioning. This functionality can be enabled by flipping the blocking switch for this external tracker.

Ghostery in FireFox is a Extension working in the background during a browsing session.


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