Free local TV in Spain

22 Dec 2009
Posted by Laptop Junction

It's a very simple recipe to watch free local TV in Spain nowadays. With the arrival of the DVB-T standard, synonym for Digital Television, it's never been more easy to get a grasp of whats going on in the area. It's just a simple USB adapter and a small antenna away.

DVB-T known as TDT in Spain

The digital TV standard DVB-T is introduced in Spain in 2005 and started to gain momentum in 2007. Now in 2009/2010 TDT is available to 74 % of the population. Analogue TV switch-off is now in it's final stages in Spain. With this the equipment needed to receive a free local television signal has never been more simple.
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Digital Video Broadcasting DVB-T in Spain TDT Television Digital Terrestre DVB-T in Spain

The DVB logo on a chip made by DiBcom - The chip is used in a Pinnacle PCTV USB stick

The Spanish organization in charge of the introduction of TDT DVB-T in Spain is Impulsa TDT.

Simple USB DVB-T adapter with antenna

For those who travel receiving a TDT signal in Spain requires a laptop, a DVB-T USB adapter and a small antenna. In this case it's a simple Pinnacle DVB-T PCTV USB adapter stick.

Pinnacle DVB-T TDT Digital TV PCTV USB adapter stick

The antenna needed to watch TV is fairly simple. It connects at the back end of the Pinnacle DVB-T PCTV USB adapter stick.

DVB-T antenna to watch local spanish TV on a laptop

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Free TV signal in San Sebastian, Santiago de Compostela and Baiona

With this simple equipment, free local spanish TV signal was received within a few minutes. The available channel list varied slightly with each location. Next to the national channels LA1, LA2 and commercial channels like the spanish CNN+, local TV Stations where also part of the list. In Santiago de Compostela, the Sony Entertainment group had a freeview channel in English. Also CANAL+ was part of the channel list, but in all cases it was encrypted.

Free local Digital Television through DVB-T TDT in Spain CNN+


Reception quality of free local TDT TV in Spain

In the bigger residential area's reception of a TDT DVB-T signal was never a problem. Only in Baiona near Vigo, Pontevedra antenna placement was an issue. After finding the right spot for the Antenna the free local channel list below could be received with out any problem.

Free Digital TDT Television Channel List in Baiona Vigo and PonteVedra in Spain