High power WIFI Access Points

12 Oct 2009
Posted by Laptop Junction

With the popularity of laptops, wireless Internet using WIFI technology has become immensely popular. The need for more speed over a larger distance has pushed the wireless industry to produce more powerful and sensitive WIFI equipment. The legal FCC power limit for WIFI using omni-directional antenna's stands at 1 Watt maximum. A quick scan of the market reveals several brands producing WIFI consumer market equipment nearing the FCC limit.


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 FCC WIFI power limit

Currently the maximum FCC power limit (EIRP) for wireless LAN's using omni-directional antenna's is set at 1000 mW (1 Watt). An average WIFI access point nowadays transmits at a 50 to 200 mW power rating which is enough for most. Better antenna's and antenna placement can easily increase the range of an average WIFI access point. More transmit power and receiver sensitivity are required when large distances need to be bridged.

High power WIFI access points

In December 2013 the following consumer market High power Access Points are sold:

Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Router R10000

Amped Wireless Router R1000

- 600 mW

- Router and AP

- B / G / N Network compatible

Engenius 600 mw wifi access point

EnGenius ECB-8610S

- 600 mW

- B / G / N network compatible


Airlive 500 mw WIFI access point WL 5470AP Airlive WL 5470AP

- 500 mW

- access point and router

- B/G compatible
Versa Technology 400 mw WIFI access point ap400-lg

Versa Technology ap400-lg

- 400 mW

- access point and router

- B/G compatible

Bountiful 1000 mW Access Point BWRG1000

Bountiful BWRG1000

- 1000 mW

- Router and AP

- B/G compatible


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