Ipad 3G signal weak

20 Apr 2012
Posted by Laptop Junction

The iPad is a great internet surf board in Urban regions with dense cellular and WIFI coverage. Outside the city it can be quite different – less coverage, slower internet or no internet connection at all. Here’s how to boost your iPad reach and internet connection speed in rural regions.

Weak 3G iPad signal

Out in the countryside, a faint 3G cellular signal reduces your iPad connection speed to a trickle. Given a distant cellular signal can actually be received, not to talk about even trying to do the same indoors.

Nice scenery but with a weak 3G signal in the far distance.
Great view but with a weak 3G signal from a distant cell tower

Charging your Ipad Mini with Solar Power

In rural regions where even a cell phone has little to no indoor reception,  the iPad will perform not much better. Tethering a cellphone internet connection won’t be of much help either. If it connects, the chance on a speedy connection is fairly low switching to GPRS/EDGE speeds (2G / 2.5G)

The solution is to boost an outdoor weak 3G signal to a full bar indoor WIFI signal. Its not rocket science, here’s how.

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3G router antenna increases iPad reach and speed

The trick in boosting a distant 3G signal - is the Antenna. Here are two solutions that do just that;

Ipad signal booster
The difference between both solutions is mobility.

When you’re in and out Hotels, Resorts or Holiday homes – the  CradlePoint 3G router with 3G USB modem works best. Its easy to setup, the 3G USB modem with internal antenna can be positioned at the window using an USB extension cord.

CradlePoint is a well known brand for traveling business people who need their own hotspot for office work in a hotel room.

PORTABLE 3G Signal Booster
CradlePoint 3G router


- Flexible WIFI solution

- Compact device - travels light

- Low power

- Cheap solution


- 3G USB modem dependent

- No external antenna

- Little feedback, no display

Some 3G USB sticks have external antenna mounts making it possible to position the antenna outside while keeping the electronics inside.

In case you own a houseboat, motorhome, caravan or country house a static setup with the Option Globesurfer 3G router can extend the Ipad reach and speed even further. The outdoor 3G antenna has a fixed mount for the best 3G signal reception. 


STATIC 3G Signal Booster
Option Globesurfer 3G router


- Long range, external antenna

- Status feedback display

- Internet On/Off button


- Not made for frequent simcard changes

In both cases the 3G signal is routed over WIFI.

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