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02 Feb 2014
Posted by Laptop Junction

Overview of Apps used on the iPad Mini with WIFI and Cellular modem.

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 Apps marked with a $ require a payment.

  • Fing - Network and port scanner
  • Net Analyzer - Network and port scanner
  • RD Client - Connects to Windows PC using Remote Desktop
  • Battery Doctor - Diagnose and inspect the iPad battery
  • KeePass - Password manager for iOS, Windows, Linux
  • GoodReader $ - Synchronize dropbox archive offline on the iPad with internal PDF and Picture viewer
  • Bria VOIP phone $ - Accepts incoming VOIP calls from SIP voip server
  • FlightRadar24 - See all commercial airline flights on the globe
  • BBC Worldservice - Download and listen to BBC radio podcasts off-line
  • Speedtest - Measure the speed of an Internet connection
  • Google Earth - The iPad version of Google Earth
  • Photoshop Express - Picture manipulation on the iPad
  • Opera Mini - Opera browser for iPad
  • Chrome - Googles browser with auto translation
  • Pingdom - Monitor a website uptime 24 hours - get Alerts over iOS push messages when down

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