Ipad Mini Power Consumption

09 Feb 2013
Posted by Laptop Junction

Because of it's compact size the Ipad Mini is ideal for travel - however how about power consumption? A few tests to get a grasp on the Ipad Mini power consumption. Have a look;

Ipad Mini power usage

In the following tests the Ipad Mini is hooked up to a Power Meter, measuring power draw with a fully charged 16.3 Wh battery. The measurements give a reasonable impression of practical power consumption.

Here's the Ipad Mini connected to an internet radio station over WIFI. The station has a cam into the recording studio. The power draw is about 1.5 - 2.0 Watts, depending on WIFI and screen (cam) activity.

Ipad Mini Power Consumption

In this mode the battery would last about 7 hours.

Ipad Mini display

The Ipad Mini display is by far the biggest energy consumer. Here's the power draw with screen intensity on maximum. The power draw is about 4 - 4.5 Watts.

Ipad Mini Screen power consumption

Normally screen intensity is on automatic.

Ipad Mini Camera

With the Ipad Mini Camera on, power usage goes up for the main camera. The smaller chat camera uses a bit less. The power draw is about 5 - 7 Watts, depending what's in view of the camera. Full white surfaces draw more power.

Ipad Mini Camera mode Power consumption

The screen also is switched to full viewing mode, probably causing the biggest power draw.

Ipad Mini GPS

Amazingly, the Ipad Mini GPS doesn't use that much power. Here's the power draw with Google Earth switched on. The power draw is about 1.8 Watts

Ipad Mini GPS - Google Earth Power Consumption

The GPS is switched off automatically when Google Earth is aborted for another app.

Ipad Mini WIFI modem

The Ipad Mini WIFI modem shows it's power consumption when downloading large files. On average power consumption is about 2 Watts in total during a download on a fast network.When WIFI is switched off in the settings power draw drops to 1.2 Watts. 

Ipad Mini 3G cellular modem

At the time of measurement the Ipad Nanosim card is not available for further testing. Power consumption on a 3G cellular network will resume later.

Ipad Mini Battery charging

Ipad Mini battery charging measurements are discussed in this Ipad Mini Battery Charging article.


Power Meter to measure consumption

The power consumption of the Ipad Mini is measured with a power meter. A few examples;