Ipad Mini Travel Gear

30 Jan 2013
Posted by Laptop Junction

An Ipad Mini has joined the overland journey at Laptop Junction. Have a look for a first impression of this nifty device.

Ipad Mini Travel Gear - The Smart Cover

Ipad Mini Travel Gear on Laptop Junction

Connected through the charger cable to the USB port of the DELL D610 Latitide laptop. First disappointment, the Ipad Mini doesn't charge on with standard USB port - which is a total shame.

Nonetheless, the first impression of the Ipad Mini is pretty good. Here's its seated in the original box with a smart cover. From start this is the favorite working position - much more stable than without the box.

This is how it looks on the table using the smart cover as a stand. It attaches to the Ipad Mini through a magnetic strip.

In a dusty / sandy environment using the Ipad a protective cover is highly recommend. The back side scratches easily, same as for sand particles on the screen. The smart cover pictured above is better for cleaner office / home environments.

Upcoming tests will be with the 3G nano simcard and a better protective cover in aggressive travel conditions.

Here's the same Ipad Mini in a Travel Case Book.