Ipad Mini USB car charger

03 Feb 2013
Posted by Laptop Junction

The Ipad Mini can be charged through the standard Lightning cable to USB cable. Here's an example charging the Ipad Mini using an ordinary USB car charger.

USB car charger connected to an Ipad Mini

Here's an ordinary USB car charger connected to an Ipad Mini. The result : The Ipad mini battery is charged normally as it's connected with an original but expensive Apple car charger.

Charging the Ipad Mini with an ordinary USB car charger

This USB car charger takes 12 to 30 Volts DC and converts it to 5 Volts DC with a maximum current of 1 Amp. (5 Watts) The USB car charger is power full enough to charge the 16.3 Watt Ipad battery. The Ipad Mini AC battery charger has the same output power rating.

This in contrast to USB ports of the older computers and laptops, which can't supply enough current to charge the 16.3 Watt battery within the normal charge time. The Ipad Mini then comes up with a notification "not charging" - which is a bit confusing because it does charge the Ipad Mini battery only at a very slow rate.

Inside the Ipad Mini USB car charger

The ordinary Free Link USB car charger is a one chip DC-DC step-down converter. 

Inside the Ipad Mini USB Car Charger

The USB car charger converts a voltage between 12 and 30 Volts DC to 5 Volts DC with a single 8 pin chip;

Free Link USB car charger inside

The MC34063A or MG34063A chip is made by Motorola and is a generic step-up or step-down DC-DC converter. This chip is found in many USB car chargers.

Ipad Mini charged by a Motorola MC34063A step-down DC-DC converter

 Here are a few examples of USB car chargers;


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