Key chains - securing access keys

A key chain - a simple way to keep a set of keys together. For day to day Internet surfing it would be great if there was a key chain equivalent to keep a bunch of passwords safely together.

Relying on Windows to memorize username and passwords is not a good idea at all - it's like giving away your car & house keys to a bunch of street criminals. Other operating systems are a bit better at it, but independent storage would be so much better.

With several user name's and passwords to remember for webmail, facebook, messengers, traveling with a piece of paper with passwords barely holds out. With a moist wallet from the heat, the memory prosthesis becomes unreadable or gets lost mysteriously. Not such a good idea either.

Luckily password management software is around for some time now and takes away the stress of remembering passwords in situations where's there's too much on the mind - like traveling . Its a standard piece of software for system administrators and keeps track of username/password combinations, including pass phrases and relevant notes.

The best feature is to be able to 'copy - paste' incredible long passwords into password fields without ever having to see or remember it. New passwords are easily generated avoiding some sort of a password scheme. Additionally the encrypted password archive is small enough to e-mail it for off-site and online storage.

A few examples of password management software are listed in the software section.