Laptop power generator

13 Feb 2010
Posted by Laptop Junction

Laptop power generator

Powering a laptop with a fossil fuel generator is a last resort when renewable energy sources and other power sources are unavailable.

The solution is noisy, polluting and maintenance prone, though the generator is a high capacity, compact and relatively cheap portable source of power.

A generator is a combustion engine, alternator and power inverter in 1 box. To power a laptop even the smallest generator will do with enough capacity left for a printer, 3G phone or even a desktop computer.

Portable generator market

Generators in the portable / vehicle sized market can be split into 3 segments: 

 Micro Generator  Portable Generator  Vehicle based generator
Blue Max Gas / Petrol Generator 1250 Watt 2HP 2 stroke Kipor IG2000 portable Generator 2000 Watt Dometic T2500H Generator 2200 Watt based on the Honda GX-160
 Blue Max 1250  Kipor Sinemaster 2600  Dometic T2500H - Honda GX-160
 <  22 lbs / 10 Kg
300 – 1000 Watt
 22 – 66 lbs/ 10 - 30 Kg
1000 – 3500 Watt
110 – 2200 lbs / 50 – 100 Kg
Petrol / Diesel / LPG
2000 – 5000 Watt

Generator segments in the portable / vehicle sized market

Main characteristic for a (laptop) power generator is it’s readiness for instant and ad-hoc use. Meaning it works when needed – full stop. Classic for cheap generators are frustrating “no-starts” and the struggle to get it to work when really needed. Limited engineering time and cheap parts are usually the main cause for generator failure.

For powering laptops and IT equipment – the quality of the power inverter is of importance. Though most laptop work on messy and interrupted AC Mains because of the internal battery. Printers, Scanners, Routers, Monitors and Audio/Video equipment require stable and uninterrupted AC mains.

Modern generators have digital inverters – supplying pure sine wave AC mains – being the best solution resembling AC mains at home or in the office.

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