Measure internet connection stability

02 Apr 2015
Posted by Laptop Junction

The quality of an internet connection can be measured by several parameters. The most widely known is speed, but what about connection stability? In case you require a stable internet connection that needs to be Up for 24 hours a day, there's a tool to check and measure connection stability. Have a look;

Internet Connection Monitor - Uptime Measurements

The quality of 24 hour Internet connections have seen a steep rise in the past 10 - 15 years. In western regions of the world, being off-line due to internet instability is becoming more and more a thing of the past. When traveling the world, being off-line is a fact off life on the road. Nonetheless, if a stable 24 hour internet connection is needed, have a look at this tool called the Internet Connectivity Monitor;

Internet connection stability continuity monitor test

ICM connects to 2 different websites on a adjustable interval. When it detects downtime, it logs it in a file and optionally makes a sound. Down time can also made audible.

The log can be used to detect downtime for HTTP website connections and possibly the first leads to diagnosis and what can be improved to increase internet connection stability.

Causes of internet Connection instability - Down time

In general the main cause of internet stability in regions where it's been introduced not so long ago is infrastructure, equipment and process immaturity at the internet provider.

To name a few common problems;

  1. "Dropping Line" - this term refers to a the modem not being able to follow & process the incoming signal. Main cause is usually somewhere down the line or at a distribution point. Also the modem can be faulty or needs different settings. Usually the transmission speed is also affected.
  2. At the edge of a WIFI signal, where either the signal can't he received properly or the WIFI access point can't properly receive the WIFI signal from laptop of desktop.
    Another cause could be there's some-one more near to the WIFI access point who's watching movies of downloading. Moving closer is a typical solution
  3. When on a cellular connection, wireless signal issues are basically the same as with WIFI.
    On top of that switching between 2G / 3G or 4G modes can cause connection instability as well.
    A solution would be to lock the mode to either 2G or 3G or use external antenna's.
  4.  Firewall issues where the Firewall in the modem or Laptop / Desktop trips and locks down the connection. This can be caused by external attacks on residential of  local IP addresses.

Download the Internet Connection Monitor here.