Motorola WIMAX docking station improves signal reception

12 Feb 2010
Posted by Laptop Junction

On February 10, 2010, Motorola - worldwide leader in developing and deploying WiMAX networks - announced a new docking station, or cradle, for its WiMAX 200mW USB dongle.The WiMAX docking station improves WIMAX signal reception up to 3dB - offering better WiMAX range.

By placing the Motorola USBw200 WiMAX dongle into the docking station users significantly boost their WiMAX signal reception. The new Motorola docking station / cradle can be connected to a laptop or desktop using a USB cable.

  Motorola Wimax USB Docking station improves signal reception
  The Motorola USB Docking station improves WiMAX signal reception

The Motorola USBw 200 dongle gains up to 3dB improvement in WiMAX signal level vs. a standalone USBw200 device offering larger coverage.

Improved WiMAX coverage also means larger WiMAX operators reach of their network. Thus providing WiMAX to more customers over a greater area without having to increase the number of WiMAX base stations.

The USBw 200 docking station, available for 2.5GHz and 3.5GHz bands, is scheduled for availability in Q2 2010. The USBw 200 dongle is available now through select WiMAX service providers.

The USBw 200 and the new docking station are among other new WiMAX solutions that will be featured at Motorola's stand during Mobile World Congress 2010 from the 15th -18th February 2010 in Barcelona.

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