Ipad Mini Screen Travel Protection

01 Feb 2013
Posted by Laptop Junction

The Ipad Mini has a great screen - but as a travel companion the screen is rather vulnerable for scratches caused by sand in combination with pressure and vehicle vibrations. Time for some hands-on experience with an Ipad Mini screen protector.

Ipad Mini Touch Screen Protection

All touch screens have the same problem, after a while the whole screen is finger printed. This is an example of a Canon 650D camera touch screen.

Finger prints on a touch screen - Canon 650D

The Ipad Mini screen also gets soiled very easily with finger prints. Though the fingerprints only are not the real problem, its the cleaning of the screen in dusty / sandy environments. Tiny sand grains can stick to a cloth and cause nasty scratching while cleaning.

Also grain of sand caught up between the screen and the Ipad Mini Travel case can make nasty scratches while traveling on bumpy trails in a vehicle. The vibrations have the same effect on the Ipad Mini Screen as it does on music CD's stored in a car's dashboard - the surface sort of 'fogs up' with a light haze of scratching.

In brutal travel conditions, the Ipad Mini Screen absolutely needs a protector, otherwise it won't survive the journey without touch screen damage.

Wrapsol touch screen protector

A good Ipad Mini screen protector is made by Wrapsol.

Ipad Mini Screen Protector - adhesive film by Wrapsol

It's an adhesive film resistant to scratches and impacts - the film material feels a tiny bit like rubber. Because of it's rubbery feel, scratches on the protective film disappear after a while.

Ipad Mini Screen protector film

The Wrapsol screen protector is not the cheapest and there is one major downside. The adhesive side picks up dust quite easily and gets caught up between the Ipad Mini screen and film.

Ipad Mini Screen Protector Film - dust caught up under the film

The result is tiny bubbles that won't go away. Application of the screen must take place in a dust free environment for the best result.

Nonetheless - the screen protector is good quality and worth it in brutal travel conditions. A few examples including the Screen Protector from Wrapsol;

Next is testing the 3G capabilities of the Ipad Mini. Also have a look at the Ipad Mini Travel Case.