Random DVD/CD drive problems, PC sporadically doesn't start

23 Jul 2009
Posted by Laptop Junction

There are as many reasons to PC problems as there are PC's in the world, but some really stick out and makes fault finding hell. If there's one it's random problems, one's that occur at random so now and then. So here's one, related to random CD/DVD drive failure and a PC that doesn't start. Windows or Linux OS has nothing to do with it, the randomness comes from hardware failure...but where? Read on!

Sometimes it's just a lucky grab afters other have struggled for hours and hours to diagnose random PC problems. Here's the cause for this particularly case:

CD/DVD problems PC doesnt start at random

A nicely shielded IDE cable with shiny thin foil to shield the wires. Now look at the nicely cut row of wires, then at the patch of thin foil sticking out. It barely touches a bit of the copper wire sticking out...but if it does....randomness served on a silver thin foil platter.

Manufacturing quality with shielded IDE cables

Typically a manufacturing problem where there's little to no time to put more quality into the production process. IDE flat cables always had their production issue's, but the thin foil to shield the IDE flat cable adds just another dimension to fault finding.

Randomness served on a thin silver foil platter

This IDE flat cable manufacturing issue caused CD/DVD drive problems at random and sometimes boot failures without a single POST beep (Power On Self Test) or BIOS code on the screen. The only sporadic clue was a code "49" printed in the bottom right corner of the screen, if one is lucky to get to see it.

No more words necessary...this was just a 5 minute lucky grab as an innocent by-stander.