Rugged LaCie USB Stick dies

10 Mar 2010
Posted by Laptop Junction

It's been a very short journey for the LaCie ItsAKey rugged USB stick. It lasted for 7 months and its the first USB stick that ever died till now. The intention of it's rugged design was probably to last a lot longer but it doesn't. Have a look.

Rugged LaCie ItsAKey USB stick

LaCie USB stick metal casing ItsAKey Design by 5.5 Designers
LaCie USB stick metal casing ItsAKey Design by 5.5 Designers

The LaCie 4Gb USB memory stick had a rough life on the key-chain of the nomad driving the machine. Meaning lots of vibrations and being squashed by other keys on a heavily populated key-chain.

But "5.5 Designers" - contracted by LaCie - had probably envisioned this and made a hard metal casing to with stand more abuse than the average USB stick with plastic casing.

Though it didn't last long - casing as well as the insides - just 7 months. And worst of all it was the first USB stick that ever died on this 4 year overland journey.



LaCie ItsAKey - metal casing

Just 3 months down the journey the casing fell apart. It was clear why - it was a simple glue job. High temperatures and friction in the pocket of the nomad made it come of quite easily.

LaCie USB stick open metal casing ItsAKey Design by 5.5 Designers
LaCie rugged USB stick open metal casing - just a simple glue job

For a rugged version for the LaCie ItsAKey USB flash drive it's a bad choice to just use glue.

La Cie ItsAKey - USB memory stick dies

And worst of all - the LaCie USB memory flash drive just died on an average copy job in a public library. At first it worked, but on the next insert it wasn't recognized anymore as if there was no USB stick there whatsoever. A few test with other computers set the diagnosis - also the 4Gb memory stick had died.

LaCie USB stick contacts
  LaCie rugged USB stick contacts - not designed for abuse

The LaCie 4Gb USB memory stick at the LaCie website


"The sturdy and resistant surface treatment of the LaCie itsaKey makes it tough and dependable.
Another new collectible product produced in conjunction with 5.5 Designers, the itsaKey is a usable, functional tool for your home or business, but its fun, ultra-mobile design helps it stand out from the competition."


LaCie Support and RMA

The LaCie support site has a RMA procedure - meaning warranted damaged product can be returned. Regional support is applicable and replacements - if found damaged within warranty - are shipped anywhere within the region.

The LaCie USB key has gone through the RMA procedure, resulting in a Return Authorization Number. The dead USB flash drive is shipped to the "Reverse Drop Point" in the region of support. A new LaCie USB memory stick is shipped free of charge.