Share 3G internet over WIFI

08 Aug 2011
Posted by Laptop Junction

There are several possibilities to share a 3G internet connection with others. Here's an overview of solutions to share your internet connection from a Smart phone or a simple 3G USB stick / pen drive.

Share 3G internet connection

Below you find 6 solutions to share a 3G internet connection from a smartphone or a 3G internet USB stick / pendrive over WIFI. The left shows the easiest solutions - the right the cheapest.

For those with a weak indoor 3G signal - a common condition degrading internet speed - 2 solutions to get a better 3G signal while sharing the internet connection indoor over WIFI.

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3G internet sharing options over WIFI
3G internet sharing over Internet using USB stick pendrive Sharing a 3G USB modem stick / pendrive connection over WIFI Sharing 3G connection over WIFI using a 3G router with USB modem port Using Windows ICS to share a 3G USB stick over ad-hoc WIFI
Sharing a 3G internet connection with a MIFI Sharing a weak 3G signal over WIFI using a 3G router with external antenna Sharing a 3G connection using Joikuspot WIFI hotspot
Solutions to share a 3G internet connection over WIFI

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