Simcard adapter for Ipad Mini

03 Mar 2013
Posted by Laptop Junction

The Ipad Mini with 3G & Wifi is a nice tablet for world-wide travel. It's energy efficient and small in size. However travelers who rely on local prepaid 3G nanosim cards to connect to the internet, in many cases need a nanosim card adapter to keep their iPad connected - for now. Have a look;

Nanosim card adapter for the Ipad Mini

The iPad can not send or receive SMS text messages - same for the iPad mini using a nanosim card. For now this cripples the ability to control the prepaid balance with SMS text messages for many 3G cellular networks, worldwide.

To overcome this issue, one needs a simcard adapter;

Nanosim card adapter for the Ipad Mini

The simcard adapter allows you to insert the nanosim card in a mobile cellphone and control the prepaid balance from there. It's a bit of hassle, but for now it's only way to stay connected using 3G prepaid internet for cellular networks using SMS text messages for balance control.

This 3 pack simcard adapter had a nanosim to microsim adapter, nanosum to sim adapter and a microsim to sim adapter.

Nanosim, microsim to regular simcard adapters

At first thought it seems like a ridiculous solution to overcome the iPad inability to send and receive SMS text messages. But for prepaid 3G balance control its the only way to stay connected to 3G cellular networks - for now.

Cellular networks are slowly adapting to this iPad design issue - by either moving prepaid balance control for iPads to their website or using special phone numbers to enter prepaid balance top-up codes. It's an extra investment for cellular operators only for the iPad - the existing SMS text message solution has worked for many years for all mobile cellphones and 3G prepaid USB internet sticks.

A few examples of simcard adapters;

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Here's an example of a 3G prepaid USB internet stick in Germany