Sporadic blue screen of death (BSOD)

12 Aug 2007
Posted by Laptop Junction

Blue screen of death - BSOD

The Inspiron 4100 suddenly is starting to have sudden blue-screens. 0x0000001 Stop message appears on the screen. At first it seems the BSOD is related to an USB issue. Removing an USB stick causes a BSOD more often. Later the phenomena starts to appear during startup. Then suddenly the BSOD's are gone for a week.

Memory testing

After appearing again, all diagnostic tests supplied by DELL are run. Nothing is found. Memory testers are executed one night long. Nothing can be found. The BSOD's come more often, sometimes a few times per hour.

Memory swapping

One 256Mb memory card of the 512 Mb installed is removed to see what happens. BSOD's continue. Then the other is removed, the other installed again. Now the laptop runs for 4 days without problems. The remaining 256 Mb is installed again, the next day the first BSOD appears.

The 256 Mb is removed again - the BSOD's stop!

Cause is apparently a failing 256 Mb memory card! Almost 3 weeks of BSOD's later!

The offender is : Hynix PC-100-222-620 - Sync 100Mb CL2