The Travel Machine

Continuous overland travel with a laptop from 2006? How's that? Basically what you find here are the results from traveling long distance with a 10 Ton 4x4 overland truck - fully converted to a home with basic facilities - named The Machine.

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The Machine - 11 Ton of travel Machinery
The Machine - 11.000 Kg of Travel Machinery in Pakistan - Baluchistan - Near Padag

The Machine got the laptops in extreme situations where others can only be shortly. From 45 degrees to shivering -10 degrees, from +90% humidity to extremely arid climates. Covered in dust, grease, mucus, soup, milk, coffee, beer, wine and all other nondescript materials, laptops are worn down to the thread. 

The Machine in spring time in Kurdistan - Turkey
The Machine - In Kurdistan - Turkey during spring near the Iranian border

The experience is unique - as the problems show.

The Machine in Rajasthan - India
The Machine in Rajasthan - India