WIFI Network User Scanner on Android, iPhone and Windows

27 Mar 2015
Posted by Laptop Junction

Find out how many Users & Network Devices are connected to any WIFI / WLAN network, in just a few seconds on an iPhone, Android or PC. Have a look;

FING - WIFI Network utility on Android,  iOS and Windows/DOS.

FING is a neat WIFI network utility made by Overlook Soft. The tool is implemented on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iMac), Android, Windows and Linux with several differences among the various implementations.

The Fing Android and iOS release is lightweight and good for on the go.
The Linux and Windows release is a command line utility with powerful features.

Android WIFI Network Scanner

This is the FING App on Android - it shows the connected devices in your WIFI network, the device type and when available the NETBIOS name;

Android WIFI network scanner shows network connections

 This scan ran on an Acer E700 with 3 simcards.

Get the FING App for Android here.

iPhone WIFI Network Scanner

This is the FING implementation for Windows and Linux - it's command line based.
This example it scans the WIFI network every 1 minute and shows the device connected to the network including when they where last seen and how long these are online.

This FING implementation does not show the NETBIOS name of the connected device.

 Windows Network Scanner shows network connections

Get the FING command line utility here.

Windows / Linux WIFI Network Scanner

This is the FING App on the iPad Mini. This implementation also shows the NETBIOS name.

iPhone iPad WIFI Network scanner shows other devices on the network

Get the iPad / iPhone App here

On each implementation the services on each connected device can be scanned as well.