WiMax - USB wireless adapters

With WiMAX being rolled out in in Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal as the solution for the "last mile" - from WiMAX provider to customer - end-user products to connect to WiMAX hotspots are rapidly released in 2009 / 2010. 

Below an overview of several portable WiMAX products with USB interface, available or about to be released in 2010. According to the specifications, all are compliant with the latest WiMAX standard 802.16e.

modacom WIMAX USB adapter KWD U1300
  Modacom WIMAX USB adapter KWD-U1300

A round-up of PCMCIA / ExpressCards can be found here.

Motorola improves WiMAX signal reception with a docking station for the USBw 200 USB dongle.

Looking for a WIFI router to share a 4G WiMAX connection using a WIMAX USB adapter?

Accton Wireless Broadband Corp AWB US210 Wimax wireless usb adapter

AWB US210 Wimax wireless usb adapter

The AWB U210 from Accton Wireless Broadband Corp in Taiwan is IEEE 802.16e-2005 Wave 2 compliant and uses MRC (Maximum Ratio Combining) technology with dual antennas to enhance incoming signal quality. The USB dongle comes with a Wireless Connection Manager utility for management and status monitoring.

See the Accton Wireless Broadband Corp website.




Seowon Intech SWU-3220 wimax wireless USB adapter

Seowon Intech SWU 3220 wimax wireless USB adapter

The SWU-3220 is compliant with IEEE 802.16e and Wave 2. It has up to 30Mbps Downlink and 6Mbps Uplink capabilities. 2 Antennas for MIMO, 2 LED Indicators : Power, Link & Activity and a connection manager for Link status, configuration and firmware upgrade.


More about the Seowon website



Samsung SWC U200 Wimax wireles usb adapter

Samsung swc u200 wimax wireless usb adapterSamsung SWC-U200 USB WiMax modem is fully compliant with Mobile WiMAX Wave2 profiles. The USB Adpater uses the CMC-730 Mobile WiMAX modem chipset from Samsung Electronics.

In May 2009 - there was no info available on Samsungs website about this WiMax USB Adapter.


Laptops fitted with onboard WIMAX


NEC Access Technica PA-WM3200U wimax USB-adapter

NEC Access Technica PA WM3200U wimax wireless USB adapterNEC AccessTechnica's PA-WM3200U is based on the IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard with advanced security and authentication protocols EAP-TLS/EAP-TTLS.
More on the NEC website.




Seowon Intech m wimax wireless USB adapter

Seowon Intech m wimax wireless USB adapter Compliant IEEE 802.16e and Wave 2 USB Modem from Seowon Intech. In addition, it provides built-in flash memory storage.
More at the Seowon Intech website.





Huawei BM325 wimax wireless USB adapter

Huawei BM325 wimax wireless USB adapterHuawei USB modem BM325 is a WiMAX 16e USB Modem. The BM325 is designed in compliance with IEEE802.16e-2005 Mobile WiMAX specifications. More at the Huawei website.



Modacom WIMAX USB adapter KWD U1300

modacom WIMAX USB adapter KWD U1300

The stylish KWD-U1300 from Modacom allows changing the front image easily through embedded image editor program.
More specs at the Modacom website.






Franklin U300 WIMAX EVDO or HSDPA wireless USB adapter

Franklin U300 wimax EVDO or HSDPA wireless USB adapter The Franklin Wireless U300 USB Modem supports high-speed EVDO or HSDPA with WiMax connectivity including built-in GPS.

More Franklin U300 product details at the Sprint website.




Motorola USBw 200 Wireless USB Adapter

Motorola USBw 200 Wimax Wireless USB Adapater

Motorola's USBw 200 wireless USB adapter has a 200 mW output rating compared to the USBw 100 wireless USB adapter.

With the new Motorola WiMAX docking station signal reception is boosted upto 3dB when the USBw 200 wireless USB adapter is plugged in.

USBw 200 product specification are available at the Motorola website.




Motorola USBw 100 Wireless USB Adapter

Motorola USBw-100 Wimax Wireless USB Adapater

Motorola is the biggest driving force behind WiMAX and recently has been awarded a contract in Pakistan to roll-out a WiMAX infrastructure. In terms of product maturity, large scale experiences on the Pakistan WiMAX market will most likely make Motorola a market leader.

USBw 100 product specification are available at the Motorola website.




Samsung SPH h1200 Wimax Wireless USB Adapter 

Samsung SPH-H1200 Wimax Wireless USB Adapater

Samsung's SPH h1200 USB Dongle allows Korean users to access both WiMAX and HSDPA. Consumers in Korean metropolitan areas can use the 13Mbps high-speed wireless Internet services at a more affordable price via WiMAX. Users in less connected areas across the country can enjoy Wireless Internet services via high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA). There is little information about specs & availability of this USB adapter outside Korea.


Airspan MiMax Wimax wireless USB-adapter

Airspan MiMax Wimax wireless USB adapter

The AirSpan MiMAX USB is the first product in the MiMax Mobile WiMAX devices and add-ons. It will be joined by the optional battery powered MiMAX Finder unit, and later by external antenna cradles, Wi-Fi and VoIP Home gateways.

Airspan MiMax Wimax specifications are available on the AirSpan website.



Asus WUSB25E2 wimax wireless USB adapter

Asus WUSB25E2 wimax wireless USB adapter.jpg

The Asus WUSB25E2 USB adapter has a flexible-angle antenna. It has a 180 degree-rotate dongle to improve signal reception and receiver sensitivity for mobile use.



Asus WUSB25E2 Wimax specifications are available at the Asus website


ZTE TU25 wimax wireless USB adapter

ZTE TU25 wimax wireless usb adapter

The ZTE TU25 Wimax adapter is announced  for Sprint's new XOHM WiMAX network and  is the first USB modem certified for XOHM.

ZTE is China's largest wireless equipment provider with a global wireless capacity exceeding 100 million lines. As one of the first Chinese telecoms equipment provider to pursue business in overseas markets, ZTE now has 100 representative offices around the world.

ZTE TU25 Wimax specifications are available at the Sprint's XOHM website.



 Wavesat USB 8500 wireless wimax USB Adapter:

Wavesat USB 8500 wireless wimax USB AdapterAlthough only for OEM - the Wavesat USB 8500 wimax USB Adapter will most likely be on the market in different brands.

Wavesat USB 8500 product specification can be found at the Wavesat website.