Windows 7 Firefox resumes slow after hibernate

08 Aug 2016
Posted by Laptop Junction

Experience a slow resume of Firefox and other programs after resuming from Windows 7 Hibernate?
After Windows 7 starts Firefox remains unresponsive for minutes in a row. Have a look;

This problem where Firefox and other programs freeze up after Windows 7 Hibernate is hard to trace. Also it's specific to certain brands like the Lenovo W500 or similar computers.

Typical for the problem is that Chrome and other browser show a different behavior and faster resumption from Hibernate. During the freeze-up Firefox may report that a certain script has become unresponsive. 

After long searches the root cause of the slow resumption problem is the Lenovo Power Manager. It shows a battery in the task bar showing percentage or time left in battery among other functions.

Here's the first lead;

Bug 1106202-Firefox hangs when windows resumes from hibernation

Here's the full description

Windows 7 - Resuming from hibernation is slow on Thinkpad

And the problem is addresses here with a patch

Bug report: Power Manager causes slow performance after resuming from hibernation

Removing the Lenovo Power Manager fixes the problem.
Firefox is immediately available after resume from hibernation.

Why the problem seems to surface with Firefox in my case it's still an unknown.