Windows HELL - Crashes, Hangups, Slowness

20 Oct 2009
Posted by Laptop Junction

Everyone who's using Windows on a regular basis has experienced the HELL side of it;. Crashes, Hangups, sudden weird behavior and a buildup of increasing slowness in everyday computing. After quite a bit of suffering a nagging question surfaces: Is it my computer or is it simply Windows causing all this trouble? Now there's a clear answer to this question.

Knowing if it's either hardware or software causing troubles makes all the difference. When hang-ups, crashes and sudden slowness occurs at random diagnosis becomes near impossible. Additional Windows is notoriously weak in staying in control of the processor (CPU). Badly written (driver) software can easily grab all processing power and crash Windows without a trace. Consequently leaving Windows clueless and the owner fuming.

UBUNTU - Linux operating system - free to useThe answer to the question comes through the use of a completely different Operating System. It's called UBUNTU, a LINUX operating system and runs from CD or USB stick - no need to install it on your harddisk  And it's FREE, no need to pay anything, On top of that it's available in many languages.

Call it a 2nd opinion, like going to the doctor.

When UBUNTU stays afloat the cause of all trouble was Windows. No need to disassemble your computer, change parts or anything similar. Also UBUNTU can be a temporary workaround just to be able to stay connected to the Internet or finish work without Windows crashing on you.

A classic case is unable to connect to the Internet while others around you can. How frustrating - while fiddling with Internet settings and booting a zillion times. UBUNTU puts you in the position to know if it's windows messing with your Internet connection. Also if UBUNTU does connect you the Internet it's at least a workaround and a relief it's not your computer system causing trouble.

So what do you need for a 2nd opinion using UBUNTU?

UBUNTU Preparation stage

You need a Mac or PC connected to the Internet and a CD / DVD writer to burn the UBUNTU ISO file to CD-ROM.

- Download the ISO file from the UBUNTU website
- Burn the ISO file on CD using Nero Burning ROM or similar

The UBUNTU CDROM can be used as a quick test to diagnose your PC on common issue's.

No CDROM / DVD drive?  Install UBUNTU on a USB stick.

UBUNTU Quick diagnosis

- Boot your system with the UBUNTU CD
- Choose to start it from CD only - no installation required

UBUNTU installation menu from bootable CD

Check if UBUNTU solves the problem you had earlier with Windows. In case you need a more thorough diagnosis, install UBUNTU on a 2nd harddisk, while leaving your Windows installation in current state.

UBUNTU Thorough Diagnosis

The thorough diagnosis allows you to store test results on the hard disk and run more extensive tests.

- Get a 2nd harddisk and install it in your system, remove the windows disk and keep it safe.
- Install UBUNTU on the hard disk
- Start UBUNTU from the hard disk

UBUNTU in Windows startup screen wibu.exe UBUNTU desktop with Firefox and OpenOffice

Check if UBUNTU solves the problem you had earlier with Windows. If you require a quick way to switch between Windows and UBUNTU, install on the same windows disk.

UBUNTU Permanent Installation

Even when your windows installation has taken over the full hard disk, UBUNTU installation procedure can resize the windows partition so there's space for UBUNTU to be installed. Make sure you have a backup of your full windows installation through a driveimaging procedure.

- Same as the Thorough analysis, however installed on the same harddisk.
- UBUNTU installs a boot manager (grub) allowing you to choose between Windows or UBUNTU
- During installation, UBUNTU resizes your Windows partition so there's space for UBUNTU
- UBUNTU requires about 5 Gb of diskspace to run

UBUNTU multi boot screen using grub boot manager